Injection Moulding




Pad printing


Laser engraving


Fast pressing


Proto support


Injection Moulding:
We are currently producing on 41 injection moulding machines between 25 and 420 ton closing force. We are continuously expanding our moulding shop based on the capacity demand.

Beside injection moulding, our assembly shop has long history as well. We have decades of experience assembling small and complicated electromechanical parts both manually and by automated lines.

Pad/Tampon printing:
Aside from the upper mentioned activities, we are also working on 5 pad printing machines in a separated area. Mostly seat release handles and Isofix covers are being printed in different shapes and colors made of ABS, PA and PP plastics. We also print metals for our customers.

Laser engraving:
We are familiar with both fiber- and CO- laser engraving methods and different camera control systems associated with the process.

Proto support:
We can provide fast proto support and supervision on pre-serial projects with sampling included.

Even though we do not make our own tools, we have strong historical connections with excellent local toolmakers and tool designers providing strong support for projects. We also maintain partnership with eastern toolmakers.

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