AE-Plasztik Zrt. is a Hungarian automotive supplier manufacturing different types of interior, exterior plastic parts and assemblies.


Short history:

Our company was founded in 1962 for the production of radio and TV sets. Though from the end of the ’70s production of military radios was determinative.

After the change of the regime, between 1992 to 1995 the company was privatized and operated as KVATTRO Rt. In 1996 the name of the company, that became 100% Hungarian property changed to Ajkai Elektronikai Gyártó és Szolgáltató Kft. Starting from 1992 our main profile also changed to automotive supplier.

In October 2008 AE-Plasztik Kft. was divided from Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. as a legal successor and its main profile remained the plastic part production along with electro-mechanical assemblies.

Since June 2016 our company is operating as AE-Plasztik Zrt, a closely held company owned by shares and managed by a board of directors. The change was initiated by owners decision and based on the company’s continuous development and increase.

Owner of the company is Műszertechnika Holding Zrt. –

Primary products:

  • Injection moulded parts
  • Assemblies (internal and external handles, door-stoppers, steering switches, potentiometers and switches)

Used technologies:

  • Injection moulding (closing force between 25 and 420 ton)
  • Manual and machine assembly
  • Tampo printing
  • Stamping (small pressing)

81% of the income of the company comes from automotive industry, 19% from electromechanical supply.
As an additional service we expand our activity with product and production development with logistic services.

Automotive 81%
Non-automotive 19%

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